Admin Instructions

Instructions for administrators of

As a collaborator, everything you need (I truly hope) is on the Dashboard. When you log in, it gives you a list of all of your sites (we only have one), so click on it. Near the top right is a button “WP ADMIN”. Click that and you are at the dashboard.
The actions that you will need are on the left hand side, and include “Posts”, “Pages” and “Administration” as the ones mostly used for maintenance. The rest are for development.

To install a new gig: go to “Posts” -> All Posts” on the dashboard, choose any existing event. Hit “Duplicate This”. Now edit the duplicate. Replace the title, picture, musicians and text. Make sure that the “current” category is set. Fill in the custom fields at the bottom, some of which are mandatory. Update the new post.
Note that the real work is finding a picture, getting the wegottickets url, etc.

If you want to edit the text on a page, “Pages”, find the page in the list, and “Edit”. You will see text, but in the dynamic pages (those that do content programmatically), you will see blocks with a shortcode. The shortcode refers to a block of PHP code that does the dynamic work. Please do not touch them.. Refer to Dave if there is a problem. You can edit the text if you want.

After each gig, go to the dashboard, click on “Administration” -> “Correct Current”. That will search for any old gigs and remove current from them.

The gallery is more complicated to deal with. After every gig, Peter Fairman sends us a group of photos. The first job is to select from them the ones to use. Dave uses a group photo and one for each band member. You need a tool that will resize them with a 1200 pixel size limit.
On wordpress, a “gallery” is a bunch of photos. If you look at galleries, you will see that there are a great number of them, with sensible titles. You can create a new one with your selected photos: press Photo Gallery->Add Gallery/Images and drag in your selected photos, and give them a name. They will get loaded up, and you will see all of the loaded files. Select the ones you just loaded. Now correct the caption information on each photo and hit the button to publish it.
So now you have to put it in the gallery page. Edit that page by adding the headding for the gallery, and a shortcode for it. You get the shortcode by going to Photo Gallery->Options, finding your new gallery (it will be the last one), generating the chort code. Put in a shortcode widget from the plus sign after the new heading, and copy the shortcode into it.
I said it was complicated, you probably need to do it with Dave the first time.

The structure of a wordpress site:. Every page or post on a wordpress site is a post entity. That is, it is on a database, not accessible as a file edit. We use posts for three purposes:
to record each gig as an event(category “event”)
to record comments about a past gig (category “gig”)
to record administrative comments(category “admin”).
So you see that posts have categories. There is one more: “event” posts have a sub-category “current” for future gigs.

Lots more to come.

Dealing with photographs

After each gig, Peter Fariman sent photos of the gig. The following is a chronicle of putting them into the website

Drag the photos from Peter’s emails into an empty folder

Choose the photos you wish to use, and copy them

Scale them so that the largest dimension is 1200px (the max for the gallery)

Copy the contents of the folder into the folder for that season’s pics, in case they are wanted for something else

Open Flywheel with name and password and go to the dashboard of our email.

Select Photo Gallery -> Add Galery/Images

Top of page, Add new gallery

Type in title: gig name and date

Hit Add Images which gets you to all of the gallery photos

Hit Upload Files, then drag your scaled photos into the hole provided

They will be selected, so hit Add selected images to gallery, bottom right

Order them (move icon on left of each picture)

Change the Alt/Title of each to be a short description of the photo

Click on Preview image near top, and choose a photo (probably of the whole band) as a preview pic, and hit Add

HIT Update! Now we have a gallery, we need to put it in our gallery page

To get a shortcode Gallery -> Global Settings

2/3 of the way down the right column, hit Generate Shortcode

Hit Gallery -> All Images. Search for your new gallery and hit it

Hit Generate

Copy the Shortcode

On the dashboard commands on the left, choose Pages, then choose Gallery edit

Type in the Month and Year line if it is a new month. Make it H2 size (paragraph symbol, then choose H2)

Type in the gig name and date, and make it H3

Paste the shortcake 

Hit Update

You are done….