Fleece Jazz People

Fleece Jazz is run by a group of volunteers who work at and for gigs or behind the scenes (or both!). We are grateful for their work and their friendship.

We can always use some help. Do you fancy being a sound engineer, shadowing one of us for a while? Can you help with the work of setting up and putting away? Are you a social media expert? There are also lots of behind the scenes areas where help would be appreciated. If you would like to help Fleece Jazz to have a secure future, just email Dave. We do have fun and there is a perk: you get in free.

So in alphabetical order …

Tom Conlon is a superb audio/visual technician and a motorcycle enthusiast with an interesting friend.

Tom Conlan

Todd Cunliffe is our excellent piano tuner and friend for most of the life of this club.

Miles Dagnall is our newest volunteer, willing to help with anything. He is our GDPR guru.

Miles Dagnall
Stoke by Nayland Logo

The hotel Duty Officer and staff set up our stage for us, move the piano about at need, block out the chairs and run the bar. They are very helpful and accessible.

Gerry England is a sound tech, recording engineer and is a great DJ on Ipswich Community Radio.

Gery England
Peter Fairman

Peter Fairman books our musicians and runs the merchandise stall.

David Gasson is our treasurer, runs the ticketing desk and does phone ticketings. He is the only original member of the club.

David Gasson

JJ is an expert at packing theory when we put our stuff in the cupboard after the show, and is an announcer.

Steve Jordan is our publicity person, and does a lot of website content. He is a superb proofreader.

Steve Jordan
Dave Lyons

Dave Lyons is a sound tech, builds the website and a few other techy things. He (or Gerry) can record at gigs, just email Dave.

Brenda Miller works both the ticketing desk and the merchandise desk. She also bakes beautiful things.

Brenda Miller
Douglas Page

Dougie Page is a rigger, and a brilliant help with our equipment. He is a Fine Artist, but also a terrific cartoonist.

Jessie Taylor is the staff member that does our room booking and many other very helpful things. The entire staff are kind and helpful.

Jessie Taylor and the hotel staff

Paul Warren is a superb graphic designer. He does our leaflet and our logos. His website is warrengraphics.co.uk

Members of the audience often help with the raffle and other such matters, and we are thankful to them.