Information for Musicians

To Request a Booking

Our booking person is Peter Fairman. Please contact Peter at:
MOB: 07969 060 261,
LAND: 01787 311 527 or at:

7 Reddells Close,
CO10 2PW.

Our equipment list is available as a pdf file.

When travelling to the club, sat-navs can be a bit inaccurate from our postcode (CO6 4PZ). Please look at our “how to find us” page, and do not take the path around the back of the hotel. If it says “Plough Lane”, go back to the A134!

Unloading and loading kit is easy. There are loading doors to the right of the hotel entrance. If they are closed, go to reception and ask for them to be opened. You can then park in the parking lot.

Recording facilities are available, either simple stereo pair, or up to 18 mics. The equipment list documents contain the recording equipment as well. Our sound techs, Dave and Gerry, are happy to do this at no cost to the band, but requires a weeks notice.
Please do note that Dave and Gerry need the permission of the band members before they will record.
For further technical information about live sound or recording, please email Dave Lyons.

We work in thrust – audience on three sides. Drum and piano lovers tend to use the sides. We can accommodate an audience of about 140. Our Gallery has many photos of bands in full flow.


Please see our equipment list. Our Yamaha U5 piano is tuned the morning of every gig. We have mics, di boxes, stands and cables enough for quite a large band.  We have 4 monitor speakers, and 4 independent channels on the desk, each with their own equalization.

We do not have a drum kit. If necessary, it is usually possible to rent a good quality kit locally at quite a reasonable price. We do not have a bass amp.