Thoughts on Glen Manby’s “Homecoming”, 14 December 2022

We had a great evening of proper bebop on Wednesday. The numbers are interesting. Three of the musicians were greats that we have not seen in far too long: trumpet and flugeler Steve Waterman, pianist Leon Greening and bassist Jeremy Brown. Jeremy was A12ed and M25ved, so we started a bit late.

It was a delight to welcome Glen Manby to the club. Glen is an altoist, composer, arranger, teacher. Drummer Joe Dessaeuer was new to everybody. But Joe fit right in, played with excellence and accuracy in the first set. In the second set, he really loosened up, grinning like a Cheshire cat at the music coming from his colleagues.

The two ballads showed the tenderness and style of the two horn players. “I Remember Clifford” with the quartet, Steve on Flugelhorn, and “When Sonny Gets Blue”, again a quartet with Glen’s alto, were very beautiful.

But the quintet was a delight all night. They exploited the special sound of alto and trumpet, whether in unison or harmony or contrapuntal. They hit us with that sound from the beginning (“Del Sasser”) to the end (Glen’s “Boss Bop Bossa”). They played a large range of styles.

Glen’s Homecoming band kept us happy, and the audience left very happy. That was the last interesting number: too few people in the audience. Maybe the cold snap and football are to be avoided as a combination.

The next gig, note Tuesday, 27 December is Alan Barnes’ Octet celebrating Dickens’ “Copperfield”. The music is stunning. The band is amazing. Don’t miss it.

Take care, and a very happy holiday to  you from the Fleece Jazz gang.



  1. Del Sasser (Sam Jones) – first released by the Cannonball Quintet in 1960
  2. The Road to Sodor (Glen Manby)
  3. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Wolf/Landesman)
  4. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson), written in memory of Clifford Brown, a beautiful ballad featuring Steve Waterman on Flugelhorn
  5. Yes or No (Wayne Shorter)
  6. Us (Una Mas) (Kenny Dorham)
  7. Coventry Carol (arranged by Glen Manby)

*          *          *           *         *        *        *

  1. Skippy (Glen Manby) 
  2. Mayfly (Glen Manby)
  3. Homecoming (Glen Manby) 
  4. When Sunny Gets Blue (Fisher/Segal
  5. Heimweh (Glen Manby)
  6. Boss Bop Bossa (Glen Manby)
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