On Wednesday 13 September, Loz Speyer’s “Time Zone” – £18

Loz Speyer Trumpet/Flugel

Martin Hathaway Sax

Chris Allard Guitar

Dave Manington Bass

Anmol Mohara Drums

Satin Singh Congas 

“An ensemble led by a trumpeter/composer who has absorbed the essence of Cuban music and distilled it quite cunningly into an improvisatory context, with no compromise to either culture.” – Kevin Le Gendre, Echoes Music Magazine

“The album takes us from Cuba to Berlin 1989 then to Crossing the (fictitious?) Line of the equator to end in a carnival in London, in such a way as to indicate that borders and walls are only human constructions that music transcends… eight compositions that cajole, revisit, brush against or deepen different claves of Afro-Cuban music – for our greatest pleasure.” – Patricia Martin, Gazette Bleue (France)

“A vibrant, rhythmically exciting exploration of Cuban music and wider jazz influences… Speyer’s music engages and makes you think – its global themes of movement, difference and change have never been more relevant.” – John Adcock, Jazz Journal, UK

Loz Speyer is a trumpeter, composer, bandleader and teacher working in Jazz and related music. Over the last 25 years he has initiated and led bands ranging from the 11-piece composers’ collective Rare Mix to freely improvising trios. His own Cuban-Jazz sextet Time Zone and his Free Jazz quintet Inner Space, both ongoing since 2003, have toured to Jazz festivals and clubs all around the UK, and released several critically acclaimed albums of original music.

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