Thoughts on Simon Thorpe’s “Jivin’ Miss Daisy”, 23 February 2022

We had a thoroughly enjoyable fun evening with this superb band. I have to confess that with 9 musicians, four of whom sang, there were very many mics on stage. There were a multitude of  opportunities for feedback. An eagle eye was needed on the desk. I did not have time to write notes.

So I can’t walk your through the songs, but I can say a bit about the band members. Just to say that I enjoyed every solo and the stunning horn choruses.

The revelation was Liz Fletcher. What a beautiful singer: great voice, great presentation, very sexy. She belted with the full band accompanying, and purred in the duet with Simon on bass. 

Simon Thorpe has been mothering this band since 1999. His arrangements are wonderful, and the programme was nicely variable. There was even some audience dancing to the faster numbers! Surprise,Simon sings as well. 

George Hogg  stepped in for Enrico Tomasso at the last moment. George is a delightful trumpeter. He went through quite a variety of mutes during the show. His flugel playing is mellow but still clear.

Malcolm Earl Smith Is a fine jazz singer and excellent trombonist.

Luke Annesley played alto sax and clarinet. His clarinet playing seemed  to me to be influenced by Arty Shaw, not a bad model.

Alex Garnett blew a storm on the tenor sax. He was a backing singer on one song, very good.

Colin Oxley on guitar was, as always, a real pleasure to hear.

John Pearce has played for us many times. His mastery of the piano is alway welcome.

Matt Skelton (as seen on the proms) plays the room so well.

In two weeks time, Martin Speake’s “Universal Connections”: lyricism, subtlety and great musicianship.

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