On Wednesday, 28 September, Nigel Price’s “Wes Revisited” – £18

Nigel Price Guitar

Vasilis Xenopoulos Tenor sax

Ross Stanley Organ

Amiliano Caroselli Drums

Wes Montgomery guitar fans need look no further than the UK’s Nigel Price on Wes Reimagined (Ubuntu) – respectful in catching Montgomery’s warmth, but also the work of a thoroughly contemporary enthusiast.” -John Fordham –

Some 54 years after Wes Montgomery passed, his music and playing still inspire musicians and listeners. Wes’ music puts a smile on faces with its blend of bebop and blues. The music is sometimes simple, full of interest and always accessible.

The band is a delight. Over a career spanning more than 25 years, award-winning jazz guitarist Nigel Price has become widely acknowledged as one of the hardest working musicians in the business. Musically, his blend of flowing bebop lines, deep blues sensibility and his mastery of chording continue to delight audiences and fellow musicians alike.

This band is a celebration of Montgomery: they are not a tribute band. There is room for every one of these top drawer musicians to solo and shine, honouring, not copying Montgomery.

“When the players are Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price…..the outcome is downright irresistible” – The Guardian ★★★★

How many Hammond endorsees do we ever get to hear. Ross Stanley is an amazing organist. We are delighted to welcome Amiliano Caroselli to Fleece Jazz. We couldn’t find a picture of him, so we used his logo,

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