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Just a taste of the January through April 2019 season

Alan Barnes returns with fire and fun,
Snake Davis will be with us after far too long an absence
and Steve Fishwick brings trumpetry supreme.

Our doors open 7:30pm on Fridays

Sax Appeal
Derek Nash

Sax Appeal – showcasing saxophone and sax players, blowing away cobwebs and having so much fun for (try to believe this) over 40 years! The perfect late Christmas gift to yourself.

Derek Nash Saxophone & Compositions, Matt Wates Saxophone, Brandon Allen Saxophone, Paul Booth Saxophone, Bob McKay Saxophone, Pete Adams Piano, Phil Scragg Bass, Mike Bradley Drums

Derek Nash has been an irregular regular at Fleece Jazz both as player and leader almost from its start. Sax Appeal first played The Fleece on October 18th 1996, sandwiched between Tim Richard and Elaine Delmar. Derek always gives 100%, whether he is producing or engineering, protecting the beat, providing a picante evening, playing accoustically, featuring in Ronnie Scott's Blues Explosion, leading Sax Appeal or hamming it up with someone's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. Watch as he tries to upstage everyone on Hootenanny!

Derek has written and arranged almost all the material for four decades, with a bit of help from his dad, but amazingly he still bursts on stage like a teenager. If anyone finds a way of bottling his energy and enthusiasm, put me down for a case. One day we may get to see the portrait of him (rumoured to be in his attic), which ages, as he doesn't.

Sharing excellent Sax solos with Derek are History of Art graduate, and humourist Dr. Matt Wates PhD, escapee from Perth, Western Australia & proud father of two, Brandon Allen, former student in Perth and Spanish bar performer (aged 11) Paul Booth and Bob McKay who began recording in 1974, including with NYJO (1977) and claims he usually plays in bigger bands than this! (Michael Garrick, Pete Cater, Vic Lewis Big Bands in fact).

To keep such tours de force in order you need a solid back row. Welcome then the usual suspects, all of whom can produce fine solos: Pete Adams makes the piano swing like blazes with bluesy, funky and boogie fervour. Phil Scragg, in this setting, provides a powerful sturdy bass line and former NYJO drummer Mike Bradley uses a wealth of experience to underpin the whole venture

Between Christmas and New Year, before the resolutions get in the way, get come to The Fleece and have some fun, enjoy vibrant quality jazz and a bit of Panto from the ever youthful “Peter Pan” of Jazz, Derek Nash.
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4 January, £18
Chris Ingham and Mark Crooks - Getz: A Musical Portrait
Chris and Mark play Getz

"Ingham has a warm and generous way with music..his style is based on rhythmic presence and dynamic propulsion" - Downbeat

Chris Ingham piano, Mark Crooks tenor sax, Arnie Somogyi bass, George Double drums

Stan Getz is one of the great heros of modern jazz. A tenorist with an instantly spottable tone, Stan was an influence on many, particularly the Grammy award people who gave him five!

To discover the life and music of this great musician, you will find no better people than Chris and Mark. Chris Ingham is a sought after pianist (see the Downbeat quote), but also a musical scholar with a subtle sense of humour and an engaging connection with an audience.

Mark Crooks has graced our stage many times. He is supremely versatile, his playing is melodic and flowing, and his last CD, "How my Heart Sings", was released to critical acclaim. He has an abiding love for Getz's music.

Arnie Somogyi on bass and George Double on drums are the perfect backline pair for this gig.
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11 January, £20
Toni Kofi and the Organisation: Point Blank
Tony Kofi

*A killer band with real bite* - Jazzwise
Tony Kofi saxophone, Pete Whittaker organ, Simon Fersby guitar, Pete Cater drums
More information soon...
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18 January, £18
Nigel Price Quartet
Nigel Price

*Lovers of jazz across the UK - prepare to be taken by storm* The Jazz Mann
Nigel Price guitar, Jim Watson piano, Vasilis Xenopoulos tenor sax, Pete Levett drums
More information soon...
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25 January, £18
Alan Barnes Quartet
Alan Barnes

Whether on alto, baritone or tenor, Barnes' melodic sense bypasses the usual scale-running clichés that pepper the playing of lesser bop disciples. - Peter Marsh, BBC Music Review
Alan Barnes saxes, Robin Aspland piano, Arnie Somogyi bass, Sebastiaan de Krom drums
More information soon...
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1 February, £16
Basil Hodge Quartet
Basil Hodge

Basil's rhapsodic style gives the Band a thick full sound. He is a fleet and driving pianist.
Basil Hodge piano, Ed Jones tenor sax, Oli Hayhurst bass, Winston Clifford drums
More information soon...
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8 February, £18
Chris Bowden Quintet featuring Bryan Corbett: "Unlikely Being"
Chris Bowden and Bryan Corbett

Atmospheric tunes , extended arrangements, powerful performances and good old fashioned grooves.
Chris Bowden alto sax, Bryan Corbett trumpet/flugel, Jim Watson piano, Chris Dodd bass, Niel Bullock drums
More information soon...
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15 February, £20
Deelee Dubé and Renato D'Aliello
Renato and Deelee <empty>

"A voice of deep grainy power 0 0 0 Dubé has a quick-witted musicality" - Daily Telegraph
"Renato is a superlative saxophonist with a passionate and poetic soul. He has all the virtues * a beautiful sense of time and pacing and a technique which effortlessly projects his brilliantly flowing ideas." - Ian Carr
Deelee Dubé vocals, Renato D'Aiello tenor sax, Bruno Montrose piano, Adam King bass, Alfonso Vitale drums
More information soon...
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22 February, £20
Clark Tracey Quintet: "No Doubt"
Clark Tracey

After 35 years of leading his own bands this is the latest formed and features some of the brightest young stars of the future.
Clark Tracey drums, Alex Ridout trumpet, Sean Payne alto sax, Elliott Sansom piano, James Owston bass
More information soon...
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1 March, £18
John Turville and Julian Arguelles
John Turville Julian Arguelles

*World-class* exquisite* consistently inventive and beautifully performed throughout, Conception is one of the best jazz recordings I've heard* ****** John Adcock
*For the ability simultaneously to deliver great subtlety of musical character with both emotional energy and intellectual power, [Julian] is one of the very best we have.* - Peter Bacon
John Turville piano, Julian Arguelles tenor/soprano sax, Robbie Robson trumpet, Dave Whitford bass, James Maddren drums
More information soon...
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15 March, £18
Steve Fishwick Quartet
Steve Fishwick

Their album 'Marshian Time Slip' is a stunning example of hard bop, from four excellent practitioners of the art. They can be cool, slow-burning and moody ensemble pieces or fast-paced, explosive, unison playing.
Steve Fishwick trumpet, Alex Garnett saxophone, Mike Karn bass, Matt Fishwick drums
More information soon...
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22 March, £20
John East Project
John East

"East and the band brought the house down" - City AM
John East Hammond organ/vocals, Steve Pearce electric bass, Nigel Price guitar, Dave Lewis tenor sax, Dan Hewson trombone/piano, Scott Baylis trumpet/flugel/piano
More information soon...
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29 March, £18
Sean Khan Quartet
Sean Khan

Sean's blissful and gifted alto sax playing demonstrates a rare technical prowess an understanding of Jazz history and a raging determination to carve out it's future.
Sean Khan alto/soprano sax, Sam Leake piano, Lorenzo Bassignani bass, Laurie Lowe drums
More information soon...
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5 April, £20
Fletch's Brew
Mark Fletcher

Across evolving line ups the central ethos of the "Brew" remains commitment to spontaneity, whether playing original compositions or new arrangements across the jazz styles.
Mark Fletcher drums, Jim Hunt tenor sax, Jim Watson keyboards, Laurence Cottle bass
More information soon...
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12 April, £18
Sara Oschlag Quartet
Sara Oschlag

A unique and individual voice making interesting material effortlessly her own. A singer with a natural musicians ear and a beautiful sense of swing.
Sara Oschlag vocals, Tony Kofi sax, Jason Henson guitar, Dan Shepperd bass
More information soon...
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19 April, £20
Ant Law Quintet
Ant Law

Ant's long awaited 3 rd Album "Life I Know" draws on a depth of musical and life experiences into a career defining album.
Ant Law guitar, Michael Chillingworth saxophone, Ivo Neame piano, Tom Farmer bass, James Maddren drums
More information soon...
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26 April, £18
Christian Brewer Quartet
Christian Brewer

Bebop influenced, contemporary sounding player, Christian plays with great fluency and has a clear lyrical and soulful sound.
Christian Brewer saxophone, Leon Greening piano, Adam King bass, Matt Skelton drums
More information soon...
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