Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel©

Benefit Gig - 27th February 2011
2pm till 9pm or later

On Sunday, February 27th Fleece Jazz presented a day of music from some of the best musicians in the UK and internationally. We are extremely grateful to the musicians for donating their time to help our club survive.

Tickets were 25 (or 12.50 if you came to two 2011 gigs beforehand.

About the Day

It is Monday morning, and I (Dave) haven't recovered yet from a long, hard but wonderful day. The musicianship from 9 sets with some world class musicians was a delight. We had a great audience, just under 200 people. There are so many thank you's necessary and heart-felt.

  • The musicians: they came for petrol money to support our club. Their words about us were great, but the music was the key.
    The day was Gilad Atzmon's idea, and he was instrumental (sic) in initially setting it up.
  • The venue: they were amazing from planning to the day itself. They saved us hours of work by the arrangements for rooms, chairs, stage, etc.
    Our customers loved the buffet, and so many took advantage of the buffet that it ran out by about 7 p.m.
  • Roger O'Dell and Bernie Hodgkins: Roger brought his drum kit for all to use, and Bernie brought a standup and electric bass and amp for general use. They both played their asses off.
  • Stuart Larkin: not only did he delay his holiday so that he could arrange for lights for the day, but he came at 10 am and helped rig. The lighting kit was faulty, and he mended it.
  • A stalwart group of punters who came early to help, and stayed late to derig.
  • Last but not...: the committee for the booking, organisation, compering , sound, finances, all that stuff.


  • Gilad Atzmon
  • Alan Barnes
  • Ben Bastin
  • Roger Beaujolais
  • Carole Burgess
  • Paul Clarvis
  • John Etheridge
  • Sarah Gillespie
  • Leon Greening
  • Jim Hart
  • Eddie Hick
  • Bernie Hodgkins
  • Ed Jones
  • Nikki Iles
  • Tina May
  • Steve Melling
  • Derek Nash
  • Roger O'Dell
  • Alan Skidmore
  • Michael Spearman
  • Yaron Stavi
  • Frank Wetherby

Here is the Schedule, Artists as they actually appeared

Times did slip somewhat.
Time Band Personnel
2.00 p.m. Ed Jones (tenor) Leon Greening (piano, Bernie Hodgkins (bass), Roger O'Dell (drums)
3.00 p.m. Tina May (vocals) Nikki Iles, and with Roger O'Dell, Frank Wetherby (tenor), Bernie Hodgkins
4.00 p.m. Alan Barnes (reeds) Jim Hart (vibes), Paul Clarvis (tiny drum kit)
5.00 p.m. Sarah Gillespie (vocals and guitar) Gilad Atzmon (accordian! and reeds), Ben Bastin (bass), with Eddie Hick (drums)
6.00 p.m. Roger Beaujolais (vibes) Steve Melling (piano)
6.45 p.m. Carole Burgess (vocals) Michael Spearman (guitar)
7.15 p.m. Orient House Quartet Gilad Atzmon (reeds), Frank Harrison (piano), Yaron Stavi (bass), Eddie Hick
8.15 p.m. Alan Skidmore Steve Melling, Bernie Hodgkins, Roger O'Dell
9.00 p.m. Derek Nash (saxes) and John Etheridge (guitar) Bernie Hodgkins, Roger O'Dell, with Frank Wetherby