Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel©

Benefit Gig - 24th March 2013
2pm till 8pm or later

Here is the schedule of events as it actually happened on this great day.

Schedule of events (subject to change).

The day starts at 2pm, continuing to about 8.30pm.
Session Musician Info
Session 1 David Rees-Williams With David piano,Neil Francis bass and Phil Laslett drums. David Rees-Williams Trio
Session 2 Matt Wates With Mat Wates saxophone, Chris Ingham piano, Mick Hutton bass, and Marc Cecil drums Matt Wates
Session 3 Joanna Eden With Joanna vocals, Cris Ingham piano, Kevin Flanagan saxophone, Mick Hutton bass, and Russ Morgan drums, with Marc Cecil on bongos for one number Joanna Eden
Session 4 Liam Noble With Liam on piano, Mick Hutton bass, Roger Odell drums Liam Noble
Session 5 Kate Shortt Jazz and Comedy Cello Kate's Comedy Cello
Session 6 Damon Brown With Damon trumpet, Leon Greening piano, Matt Ridley bass and Winston Clifford vocals and drums, Frank Sebastian Wetherby saxophone. Roger Odell drums and Carole Burgess vocals Damon Brown
All of these wonderful musicians gave of there time to come and support the club and we are extremely grateful to them for this, and all of the amazing music they have given us over years.

A great number of people worked very hard to make this day work well (and it did):
The staff of the hotel had set the room up beautifully, and were quietly amazing during the day.
Stuart Larkin quietly brought, set up, ran and de-rigged the lighting.
JJ, Dougy and others who paid to come, and spent much time and muscle putting everything away (which includes pushing pianos over carpets).
The committee needs to thank itself! John for the bulk of the organization, Michael and Carole for holding the day together, Marion for doing anything needed (a lot), Dave and Gerry for rigging and running.